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Gifting can be fraught with obstacles: Clothes don’t fit, your favorite art’s not always to someone else’s taste, books are thoughtful but lack a bit of pizzaz Buy Spirits Gift whisky. But before you head for ye olde gift-card-and-a-candle route, might we suggest a gift that’s a guaranteed not to need tailoring and is always a crowd pleaser

Spirit whiskey. That’s redundant, right?  Whiskey is spirit, and some spirits are whiskey, but spirit whiskey is its own thing, for better or worse – and a lot of people think it is for the worse.

Spirit whiskey came into being after Prohibition, when fully aged whiskey was hard to come by and vodka was practically unknown in the United States Buy Spirits Gift whisky .  When properly aged whiskey became easy to procure, spirit whiskey went by the wayside.

Spirit whiskey is defined as being a combination of neutral grain spirit and whiskey, consisting of at least 5% whiskey and no more than 20% straight whiskey (a category of American whiskey aged at least two years, among other requirements).

Some spirit whiskeys are little more than whiskey-flavored vodka, though a recent crop of craft releases are exploring the outer reaches of the category Buy Spirits Gift whisky.

Neutral grain spirit (read: vodka) must be distilled at 190 proof and has minimal character, aroma, taste or color.  Now, anyone who has done a comparative vodka tasting can tell you that there can be great flavor variations between different types of vodka. Vodka made from grapes has a certain sweetness, potato vodka is a little creamier, and wheat vodka is very clean tasting.

(even if it’s a crowd of two)? We’ve rounded up some of the best bottles for gifting from hostess pleasers to the highest of the high end to take the stress out of buying gifts for your loved ones. Raise a glass to celebrate with the best of the best.

A One-Stop List Of Boozy Gifts For The Holidays

People say they have trouble finding the right gifts for the holidays. This is a first world problem that perplexes me. Surely you know where the liquor store is? Of course, there are so many choices and directions to go in that even booze shopping doesn’t sound fun whisky for sale.

Here’s a list of items that would make even the most discerning spirits connoisseur happy, at any budget Buy Spirits Gift whisky .