What is Vodka?


The name vodka originates from the Russian word “voda,” meaning water. This term likely comes from the immediate visual of the clear liquid and seemingly taste-less Buy vodka online flavor. While the most official acknowledgement of vodka arrives in 14th century Russia, its origins are heavily debated and speculated. Some suggest that the liquor dates to the Middle Ages when it was produced from potatoes and used as a medicinal agent, believed to be an effective remedy against cold weather. Growing grapes was difficult in the cold weather temperament of Russia, so they began experiments of fermenting grains. This led to the original name, “bread wine.” Its popularity grew in 1917, during the Russian Revolution, when the Russians took it while evacuating towards the more northern parts of Europe, such as Poland, France, and other locations known today as the Vodka Belt. Vodka gained worldwide recognition due to World War II and now is produced globally Buy vodka online  .

Vodka is the most used spirit for cocktails—largely due to its neutral flavor. The liquor is made from an abundance of resources, most commonly grains, such as rye, rice, wheat and vegetables, like corn and potatoes. However, in modern times, distilleries have started experimenting with fruits like grapes and apples to produce the spirit. Unlike most other liquors, vodka does not have any set regulations that govern its production, which allows for individuals to get creative in the distillation process Buy vodka online  . The main consistency with all forms of vodka is that it is a “rectified spirit,” meaning it has been distilled at least three times. Typically, the more times it’s distilled, the cleaner and smoother the vodka is. The alcohol content of the spirit greatly depends on where it is produced, but it’s recommended to be around 30-40% alcohol by volume (ABV). Often, European variations average around 80% ABV, and the American brand Everclear reaches about 96% ABV.

What Is Vodka Made From?

Unlike other spirits, no set regulations govern the base ingredients for production, so it can be distilled from any agricultural product containing sugar or starch. Most vodka uses grain such as corn, rice, or wheat, but potato vodka is also popular. Versions made using beets and grapes can also be found, though they’re not as common on liquor store shelves (with the exception of grape-based Cîroc).

Water and yeast are the other ingredients that are imperative to vodka production. Brands typically lean into the former, promoting the use of spring water or glacier water with claims of ultra-clean, smooth tasting Buy vodka flavors online .

What Are Popular Vodka Drinks?

If you ask anyone from Russia or Poland, they will insist on drinking vodka straight, either sipped and savored slowly or downed quickly as a shot. For cocktail enthusiasts, vodka is a vital component of classics such as the Vodka Martini and Cosmopolitan. Part of the spirit’s popularity is, no doubt, also thanks to its inclusion in breakfast delights such as the Screwdriver and Bloody Mary.

How to drink vodka

Traditionally, vodka is sipped cold or on the rocks with no mixers. It is recommended to be paired with food as it brings out extra flavors within the vodka, as well as the food you are enjoying with it. Vodka can also be used in cooking and is a popular attribute to pasta sauces and desserts, like in our Red, White and Blue Spiked Popsicles. The neutral taste allows it to be substituted in many different cocktails, for instance, a traditional martini is made with gin, but vodka martinis have grown in popularity. Vodka cocktails come in all shapes and sizes. Ready-to-serve cocktails, better known as canned cocktails are currently in high demand. These are premixed cocktails that fit easily in a cooler, ready to be consumed by cracking open a can. With a global desire for vodka, it is no mystery why many companies are choosing vodka as their main ingredient in canned cocktails. Whether you are looking to make a Moscow Mule or Spiked Pineapple Mint Lemonade at home or sip a canned cocktail, such as High Noon at the beach, there’s a vodka cocktail for every palate.

How Many Carbs Are in Vodka?

Vodka has a reputation of being the go-to spirit for health-minded drinkers. Though it does contain a few calories, it’s touted as gluten-free and keto friendly.  Like all distilled spirits, vodka contains no carbohydrates. This might be surprising since vodka is made from carb-heavy foods like wheat and potatoes, but they’re completely removed during the fermentation and distillation process.

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