What is Vodka?

Vodka for sale is a distilled liquor that is always clear in color (unless there are added colors or flavors). It does not have a distinct flavor or taste, because most flavors are removed during the distillation process. The alcohol content of vodka can range from 40 to 55%, depending on how it is made and how many times it is distilled.
Vodka serves as many people’s introduction to the world of fine liquor. Its relatively neutral taste means that people don’t tend to find it overpowering in a manner akin to darker spirits like whisky, bourbon or rum. Additionally, it’s also able to be easily mixed into a variety of other drinks, helping establish it as an easy choice for those who are new to experimenting with spirits. The alcohol percentage of vodka also enables it to offer a more potent punch as part of a mixed drink, in contrast to lower-strength beverages such as ciders.

Unlike other liquors, vodka is the only spirit that almost always is distilled multiple times. Other distilled spirits like tequila and rum, for example, should not be distilled more than twice in order to preserve their flavor.

Bourbon Has to Hit Certain ABV Marks

When bourbon is barreled, it also has to hit a certain proof, or alcohol content in the spirit. The mash must be distilled at 160 proof (or 80 percent alcohol by volume) or less, and aged in barrels until it is no more than 125 proof (62.5 percent alcohol by volume) or less. Before bottling, bourbon is filtered and diluted down to no less than 80 proof (40 percent alcohol by volume). Other whiskeys have different ABV standards for barreling and distilling. The minimum bottling strength for Scotch whiskey, for example, is also 80 proof or 40 percent ABV, but there is no maximum or minimum ABV for the distillate.

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Vodka Was Used Medicinally And It Still Can Be

Like many alcoholic beverages—and like distilling itself—vodka has some claim to medical applications (it was sold as a possible cure for anything from infertility to the plague; that’s a wonder drug). In this day and age, though, it’s proven effective at disinfecting a toothache and preventing poison ivy (meaning you have to hike with vodka; not the best/worst idea?) buy vodka whiskey online

When Did Vodka Become Popular In The U.S?

Surprisingly, most Americans didn’t know about vodka until around the 1930s and they typically associated it with Slavic countries. Up until the Second World War Vodka for sale online, it was primarily consumed in Balkan states and was not well-known or used outside of these Eastern European countries. Even other countries in Europe were not drinking vodka until it gained popularity in the United States.

After the war, people wanted cheap alcohol that was easy to produce. Vodka was the solution that people were looking for. Vodka is a very neutral spirit and there’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to ingredients, which is part of why it is so inexpensive. .

How Much Alcohol Is In Vodka?

How many standard drinks are in a bottle of vodka depends on the size of the bottle, the alcohol percentage in the vodka and any additives. However, as a rule of thumb, most bottles of vodka hover around 40% alcohol percentage. Flavored vodkas often run slightly lower, while some types of vodka are produced at up to 95% vodka for sale.

Does Vodka Have Sugar?

No. Despite being reliant on sugar to create, vodka is both sugarless and very low in carbohydrates. The distillation and filtering processes are extensive enough that the sugar is removed as a result .

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